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For solicitors

We source and provide medico-legal reports for:

• Criminal injury
• Employers’ liability
• Industrial disease
• Medical negligence
• Road traffic accidents
• Public liability

We are passionate about delivering an excellent service and will offer you:

Highly trained and experienced handlers

We provide a single, trained point of contact to manage your cases from instruction to the delivery of medical reports.

Proactive case management

We use reporting tools that enable us to identify and deal with any case issues promptly and to deliver continuously excellent cycle times.

For clients

10Bridge Medical will arrange your independent medical expert appointment.  Your appointment will be made with a specialist relevant to your condition or injury and as close to your home or workplace as possible.

10Bridge will contact you by telephone, email or text to notify you of any medical appointments that you may need to attend.

If you are attending a MedCo medical expert appointment, the medical expert will forward their report to us.  The report will then be forwarded and used by your solicitor in support of your claim for compensation.

For your peace of mind, all experts are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate governing bodies.

Get in Touch

Feel free to call us on

01244 303 469