Each medical expert will format their report in a different way, but the contents covered in the report will usually cover the following areas:

  • General Details
  • Expert’s Details
  • Court Compliance statements
  • Accident Details
  • Treatment Following the Accident
  • Past Medical History
  • Effect on Daily Life
  • Injury Diagnosis

We strongly advise that you take your time when reviewing the medical report. It is essential that your report is as accurate as possible as this document will form the basis for calculating the amount of compensation you are entitled to. It may also need to be relied on in Court, should your case progress to this stage.

We advise that you review each section as follows:

General Details

This will include your full name, date of birth, address, occupation, etc.

It is the general information that you provide to us when our file is set up and the expert will record most of it on the report as confirmation that the report relates to the right person.

Accident Details

The expert will recount the events of the accident, confirming what happened and how your injuries were caused (mechanism of injury).

Please review this to ensure the Accident details are accurate to your recollection.

Treatment following the accident

Within the report, the expert will confirm what treatment you received following the accident. This may be treatment by a paramedic, visit to your GP or Hospital, Physiotherapy or other rehabilitation treatment.

Please review this to ensure the Treatment details are accurate to your recollection.

Past Medical History

The expert may comment on previous injuries or pre-existing conditions that may have affected the development of symptoms following the accident.

Please review this to ensure the Past Medical History details are accurate to your recollection.

Effect on Daily Life

During the appointment, the expert will establish how the accident has affected your daily life. This will include any time you have taken off work as a result of the accident, any difficulties you are experiencing completing daily tasks, or additional assistance that you may require as a result of your injuries.

Please review this to ensure the Effect on Daily Life details are accurate to your recollection.

Injury Diagnosis

The expert will list the injuries sustained in the accident. Please note that if you forgot to mention a particular injury at the examination, the expert will not be able to add this to the report without further examination.

Please review these to ensure the Injury Diagnosis details are accurate to your recollection for what was discussed in the examination.

Examination Details

The expert will give details of the appointment itself. They may comment on your physical and emotional demeanour at the appointment and will document any physical examination that took place.

Please review this to ensure the Examination details are accurate to your recollection for what was discussed/took place in the examination.

Prognosis and Opinion

This is where the expert will set out their opinion of how long your injuries will take to resolve and they will make recommendations for any further treatment, diagnostics, or reports that may be necessary to confirm the prognosis.

Please note that this section is an account of the expert’s own opinion and should not be amended, unless it is to correct an inaccuracy within the report itself (e.g. if the expert refers to the left shoulder instead of the right, or if a prognosis is given in one section of the report, but is contradicted elsewhere).

Future Prospects

The expert will provide their opinion as to whether your injuries will hinder your future prospects.

Again, this section is the expert’s own opinion and should only be amended to correct an inaccuracy within the report itself (e.g. if the expert states the wrong details in relation to your job/career).

Expert’s Details

This will include a summary of their qualifications and MedCo accreditation.

Court Compliance statements

Each report must include a Statement of Truth and Court Declaration to confirm it is compliant with CPR Part 35.

You do not need to worry about checking through the Expert’s Details and Court Compliance. This is all covered by our Quality Checklist and we will make sure that all of these details are correct before the report is uploaded to the OIC Portal for you to review.

What if my report requires any amendments?

If you note anything that needs amending, you can submit your Amendment Request to us via the OIC Portal and we will liaise with the expert to have the report amended appropriately.

Please note, any requests to amend your report must be made via the OIC Portal.

Contact us

If you are unsure about any aspect of your report, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss it before submitting an amendment request via the OIC Portal. We will be happy to address any queries and provide further advice on how to proceed.

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